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What are the elements of music which we need to manipulate in order to blend various songs?

How To Make A Mashup In Garageband

In order to make a mashup in Garaband, you will need:
  • A copy of Garageband software
  • A couple of songs (or more) you want to use the music from
  1. Find a track. The most important part of making a mashup is the songs you will combine to make your finalmusic. When you're making a mashup in Garageband. Tempo/Style/beats/Key are all important aspects
  2. Import the Music into Garageband. If 're not too experienced with using Garageband, you might not know how to import an .mp3 file. Luckily, all you have to do is open iTunes or Finder and drag the a track you downloaded into the Garageband window. The file should appear laid out on one of the Garageband tracks. You are now on your way to making a mash-up.
  3. Import the second musical track. Follow the same procedure to import whatever song you want to use the music from. You should now have two separate tracks in Garageband, one a cappella and one instrumental. It won't sound like anything yet, don't worry!
  4. Edit the First track to make it fit with the Scond Track. The hardest part of making a mashup in Garageband is getting the two tracks to line up together. In order to do this, you will probably need to cut up and loop the instrumental track, move things around, find a new track etc. In order to do this, select a section of the song with your mouse (a four measure phrase usually works well). Copy this section (CTRL+C) and paste it multiple times (CTRL + V) to create a loop that your a cappella track can play over.
  5. Next try various locations for the tracks and their alignment. Try the built in Loops in Garageband to give a cohesive beat to the song etc.
  6. Export the final mixed file. Once your two tracks line up well with each other, choose File-->Export to iTunes to send a mixed mp3 file of the song to iTunes. The song should start playing and you'll be able to hear that you successfully made a mashup in Garageband.
  7. In order to get some songs to line up properly, you may need to alter the tempo of one or both of the tracks. In order to do this in Garageband, press CTRL+ALT+G and click on the track you want to alter. Now, check "Follow Tempo and Pitch" (in the wave editor section). You are now able to alter the tempo, which is found next to the song time display at the bottom center of the window.
  8. Try zooming in and out on your project to be more precise with your edits
  9. Use the Split track command under the edit menu to make cuts in your project
  10. adjust the volume of sections of your recording on the various track lines by setting edit points within your song.garageband-volume-300x115.jpg
  11. Recording and using your own sound elements in the music

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